Ralph Rangnick is not happy after the ghost cast ignores this order.

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has revealed he is unhappy. With the Red Devils’ players ignoring his orders during the Champions League clash at Old Trafford. Draw with Young Boys last night.

           Ralph Rangnick has revealed his dissatisfaction with Manchester United ‘s way of playingagainst Young Boys when players ignored his advice to direct football. (The possession of the ball is less rhythm). The Red Devils have passed through the last 16 as group champions. And Rangnick opted to bring a substitute in this game to face the already eliminated away team in the UEFA Champions League last night (Wednesday 8 December 2021).

           In this game. Manchester United took the lead in the 9th minute from the moment.  Anthony Elanga  passed the ball to Luke Shaw. Who opened the ball from the left. The ball goes backwards but Mason Greenwood turns his back and shoots with his left foot. But the top team from Switzerland successfully equalized in the 42nd minute from the moment. When Nemanja Matic sent a short ball to Donny van de Beek who would pass quickly but turned into a missed ball. Enter Fabian Rieder spinning right from outside the box. The ball curves into the far post beautifully.

           Both teams failed to score in the second half, ending the game in a 1-1 draw. After the game, the German coach was still unhappy with the way he moved before the equalizer. He felt that his team were playing too many strokes and passing the ball in a competitive cadence which put pressure on him even though he ordered the ball to pass quickly from behind to forward. 

After the game, Rangnick told BT Sport that. 

           “What was a bit frustrating was the way we conceded that goal. We play too many strokes on the lines of the first pressing of them ” ” and this is the goal we lost. We can easily clear the ball. and whenever we play the ball in the second or third line We are always in danger.” “I told them before the game. But they were still playing in that situation where they were passing the ball within five meters and [Young Boys] were just waiting for the ball. It is more or less like an invitation to press that we send to them.”

           After some promising early signs, Manchester United’s level continued to drop. As the game continues And Rangnick felt that his team’s play was too loose. Moreover, they were fortunate to not concede more than one goal. by saying that 

“Before the game I knew very well that the team we played today. We haven’t played together as a team before. The first half hour we were pretty ok . We should be leading 2-0 or 3-0, we have a good chance. Some, but we can’t score. We are pretty lax with those situations.”  “After we lost the ball, We were not able to defend high enough or not attack enough. If, in the end, the score will be 4-4, no one has complained, ” ” We have the Ta tees 2-3 people and provide opportunities for players who want to take in the field as well. I won’t say I’m happy, but that’s okay.”