Thriller a fan storms the pitch to hug Lionel Messi during Le Clasic.

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Thrillers erupted at the Stade Velodrome. When a football fan stormed onto the pitch to hug Lionel Messi during last night’s Ligue 1 game in France.

            Lionel Messi was chased by Marseille fans while playing for Paris Saint-Germain last night (Sunday 24 October 2021). The Argentinian star appeared in the ‘Le Classique’ battle(Le Clasic or PSG vs Marseille matchup). For the first time since moving from Barcelona to France in the summer. And Messi played the full 90 minutes of the match at the Stade Velodrome. A supporter ran onto the pitch to hug Lionel Messi.

             Cup Ligue French Olympique Marseille opened the Stade Velodrome for the visit of Paris Saint – Germain. And it appears that the team’s Mauricio Pau Shetty Tolentino be almost could not survive. After al. Schraff Hakimi was sent off in the 57th minute for PSG. Leaving 10 players on the counter from Genghis Under’s counter- attack before Hakimi was cut. Follow by pulling down a little before entering the penalty area. The referee blows a foul. Before asking to run out to look at VAR and turn back to a red card to kick out of the field immediately.

    But in the end.

Both sides were unable to score goals. The end of the game, Olympic Marseille 0, PSG 0, divid by points, each team increase to 28 points, taking the lead as before. But this game, the owner of the 6-time Ballon d’Or is in no small danger. When there is a fan who was trying to reach him. But drag out by security personnel first

             Marseille could face punishment for the actions of the fans. Some people during the game against PSG Like the man chasing Messi other cheerleaders Both threw objects at the opposing team’s players as they attempt to take a corner, but the 0-0 scoreline should have pleased Pochettino after his team had 10 men left early in the second half.

              After Hakimi was fired Marseille had a chance to win the game after wards from the moment Dimitri Payet collect the ball on the left side. Before dropping into the penalty area for Valentin Ronchier to strike without a body. The pole bounce off the ground unbelievably far away. In addition, at the end of the game. Marseille accelerating from a cross on the right that sags deep into the far post in the direction of Conrad de la Fuente, a substitute to make the pigs six not hit. Disappointingly let the ball out behind him. As a result, PSG remain at the top of the table with a seven-point lead in second-placed Lens. While Marseille is fourth.